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    The Stradivarius restaurant in Timişoara has a relative short history, because it has been opened in Piaţa Unirii for about 10 years.
    At the beginning it was a restaurant with no particular menu. It had an international variety of dishes, serving middle class customers

    Since 2013 it is the property of Mrs. Oana Razvan, who after the experience with the restaurants Select and Chic in Timişoara, wanted this one to become one of the best in Timisoara, but also to keep the customers, it has won during the years by offering superior quality services.

    Thus the Stradivarius restaurant history began in summer 2014, when it redefined itself under the influence of its owner. Because – at that time – the old center of Timisoara started to get rehabilitated, this also fully served for the opening of the present restaurant.
    The Stradivarius restaurant is now ready to welcome its guests with a variety of international and Banat dishes.
    In the future our guests will be able to enjoy the carefully prepared dishes, as well as one of the most beautiful squares in Timisoara.