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    2014 was the year in which the Stradivarius restaurant redefined itself, as image, remodeling, kitchen, clientage and branding. It was a great project in which architects, artists, technicians and media specialists have taken part in.
    Stradivarius addresses to a more demanding clientele, with a menu in which many of the specific Banat dishes can be found thus becoming a restaurant with a great variety in a classical ambient related to  the musical culture of the empire’s border.
    A study of the musical history of Timişoara and of the presence of the Stradivarius violins in the fortress during the entire history made by Sorin Forţiu became the key to this entire project. Thus we connected the restaurant’s name to the local history in which the Stradivarius violins had been a remarkable presence in the hands of great musicians: Joseph Ioachim, Yehudi Menuhin, Alexandru Tomescu.

    Architecture:  Camelia si Nicu Covaci – Spatiu UAD SRL Timisoara, phone: +4 0744 511090, +4 0256 435199, atelieruad@clicknet.ro.
    Mural paintings: Eugen Varga, Oana Varga – Let’s Art

    Furniture: ArtWood Company, loc. Aurel Vlaicu jud. Hunedoara, phone: +4 0254 245550, comercial@artwood.ro
    Rebranding, visual materials, consultance: Tudor Vreme – Ideatm, phone: +4 0744 563109, tudor@ideatm.ro, www.ideatm.ro
    Lighting: Adrian Colhon – Abakadri Timisoara, phone: +4 0735 428967, abakadri@yahoo.com,