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    The Stradivarius kitchen in structured into 2 directions: an international menu, dedicated to those, who want a variety of dishes, specific for Europe and a rich part of local – Banat – dishes.
    Mircea Ursachi is the one that puts the dishes presented in the restaurant’s menu into light. He is passionate about the Banat kitchen and has developed these dishes since 2006, when he became a chef/master chef.
    The Banat kitchen/dishes is/are inspired mainly by the tradition of Germans, Hungarians and Serbs in Banat, but also by the other nationalities living in this multi-ethnical  region (about 20 nationalities); our kitchen has its roots mainly in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, cooking traditions, recipes, ways of preparing and presenting.

    We cannot speak about a 100% Romanian kitchen in the Banat, because everything has been changed, improved by diverse ingredients, used by all cultures present in this area. For example: form the Hungarians and Germans we have cabbage and sausages, Zuspeise/squash stew, pork dishes, pork stews, goulash, plum dumplings, chicken, veal or pork soup with noodles,  bean soup with gammon. The local kitchen has strong Viennese influences. The Schintzel is often present on Sunday lunches, the apple strudel or pumpkin strudel, Baigli with nuts or poppy seeds.
    Sarmale/cabbage rolls are differently prepared in Banat. They are as big as a fist and contain tomato sauce, seasoned cabbage, sausages.

    The dessert cannot be absent from the rich Banat table. These are: cakes (Doboş is the most famous, Rigo Jancsi, cheese cakes), roulades and assorted cookies, eclair or Choux a la Creme, the so called mels spils, many and tiny, apple or pumpkin strudel. The nut or poppy seeds roulade is a must on holiday tables.
    The traditional Banat kitchen has been enriched by the international one during the years. Today we have Italian, French, Arabian and oriental dishes on our menu.
    Our kitchen is a creative one, a mixture of flavors and influences continuously changing.