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    We offer you a carefully chosen menu – an international one and special Banat dishes, thus bringing you one step nearer to this blessed region.

    The International and Banat Menu contain a multitude of dishes for the majority of customers with impeccable taste, the dishes being carefully chosen by our cooks/chefs. The different dishes, covering breakfast, snack, lunch and dinner, are local dishes and a few special dishes bearing the name of the restaurant, which go along with a diversity of alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages.

    The Pizza Menu contains 20 types of pizza, covering a wide range of flavours. The pizza dough is thin 32 cm and crispy.

    The daily menu is carefully chosen in such a way so that it is varied for the entire week, nourishing and tasteful, covering the necessary nutrients for a healthy and balanced diet.
    Please check out the section you are interested in.